Social Media Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally upon us and often times that means sorting through old things and cleaning house. But have you ever thought to add your Social Media to the Spring cleaning to-do list?

Social media is a place for us to connect but it’s also a place we receive a lot of passive messaging and imagery. Would you say those messages and images representative of you? Do they support your values, inform or encourage you, or push you towards certain goals? If you feel like social media can sometimes be a trap for comparison, self-judgment, and negativity it may be time to change what you see.


Here are some ways to spruce up your social media:

  • Get rid of celebrities, influencers, and the like who don’t bring you substance by asking some questions:
    How does this account serve you?
    Would you notice if it were gone?
  • Follow people instead who look like you! One practice I use in session is to search a tag like #bodyacceptance or #fashion and find someone the client sees themselves in. Representation matters.
  • With that said, follow hashtags you think may be helpful such as, #intuitiveeating #bodydiversity #joyfulmovement etc. to discover new accounts.
  • Mute the people in your life you feel it’s unpolite to unfollow but whose posts seem to do more harm than good. If you want to see their content you still can but it will be because you choose to see it.
  • Take the time to say you don’t like things! Use that algorithm to your advantage. Facebook has a hide button and Instagram has a “not interested” option when you click the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner of a post. Your feed will thank you.
You don’t have to let passive messaging and imagery impact your mindset negatively. Take control of your social media by curating its content to suit your needs.


If you struggle with a negative or unhealthy mindset around food and body image check out our services to receive more individualized support by a dietitian!

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