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It is encouraged that all new clients start with a 20-minute discovery call so that we have an opportunity to learn more about each other before the initial visit. If you are interested in the advanced testing*, an initial session must be booked first.

When you are ready to get started, simply click ‘Book Now’ and you will be redirected to my site on the platform Practice Better. There, you will be able to create a profile and request an appointment. I try to confirm appointment requests within 24 hours.

Accepted Insurance

I am currently an in network provider with BCBS and Cigna. Please indicate when booking if you have either of these insurances. If you are booking at least 3 business days out, I will conduct a complimentary benefits check to see what your coverage allows for nutrition counseling.

Let's start with a
Free Discovery Call

Commitment can be scary—especially when it’s a commitment to improving your life. That’s why the first step to working with Nourished + Strong is a free, on-obligation call to discuss your goals and how we can help.
If we’ve already spoken, you may skip ahead to booking your initial assessment.

Initial Assessment

In this 60-90 minute initial consult, we will review a detailed history of your health and nutrition habits. We will discuss your goals and begin to develop a game plan. In addition to information gathering, I strive to make these sessions educational, so you will leave with 1-2 action items to focus on until your personalized plan is ready.

Follow Up Session

In the initial assessment we will map out our timeline of working together, including follow up frequency. Follow ups are an opportunity to assess our game plan, your goals and progress. I often encourage weekly follow ups in the beginning, and transition to biweekly or monthly as we continue working together. Note there are discounts available for packages of follow up sessions. We will review these options together.

Dietitian on Demand

For existing clients only, Dietitian on Demand is the best way to have access to your Dietitian between sessions. We added this feature because we recognize that support is critical and a lot can happen in the week or two between sessions. For just $39 billed monthly, you have your personal Dietitian at your finger tips via Chat. We find with that clients enrolled in Dietitian on Demand are able to keep their confidence high, reinforce knowledge and easier navigate challenges.

Grocery Store Tour

With the average grocery store containing over 45,000 different food items, it’s no surprise that grocery shopping can be confusing and time consuming.

This 45 minute tour is designed to help you streamline shopping, easily look past common marketing traps and make the most of your grocery budget.

Metabolism Testing

This 10-minute breathing test is the gold standard for assessing your resting metabolic rate, or how many calories your body burns at rest.
In this 45 minute session, we will learn about your metabolic
health as it relates to your health and performance goals.

*If your BCBS/Cigna policy covers nutrition counseling, your test may be just $30. Select pay later when booking.

Complete Micronutrient Testing

Even with the ‘best’ diet, nutrient deficiencies are common. About 90% of people are deficient, and 50% of those people are already taking supplements. Spectracell’s test is the most comprehensive nutrient analysis available, measuring functional deficiencies, carbohydrate metabolism, immune function and antioxidant status. Option to add on full thyroid, hormone, cardio-metabolic panels.

*Initial session must be booked before testing can be purchased.

What Our Clients Say

Cassaundra M.
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Meg is awesome! She is super easy to talk to and very helpful! You can tell she loves what she does and wants to help you with your goals! I am already personally recommending her to my friends!!!! No matter what stage in you nutrition and health goals you are in you should talk to her if you are looking for more guidance!!!!
Kaitlyn L.
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Meg is truly THE BEST!! I love how she explains the science behind nutrition. This is not a “diet program,” Meg teaches you how to form new habits that are sustainable for the long term. She is incredibly patient and nonjudgmental. She has changed my relationship with food and exercise, which has changed my entire life! 🖤
Katie L.
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I am so happy to be working with Meg!! She is great and very knowledgeable. I like how she works with your entire body and not just one aspect of things. She is very down to earth and super easy to talk to. I have made multiple referrals to her already. I’m thankful a friend referred her and I listened.
Mark Z.
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Meg is awesome! Been working with her since January and she has helped me so much! I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in November of 2016 and needed help with my diet to help control my glucose levels. i weighed 150lbs and my A1C was 14(normal is 5.7), and with her help I am now at a 6 and 203lbs. Meg is great at what she does and is very personable! Thank you for all your help!
Marnie H.
Read More
Meg has encouraged and supported me on a journey to find my “healthy” weight. Meg will listen to your needs and develop a plan that fits you. Everyone’s journey to achieving and living a healthy lifestyle different. Meg helped me start my journey and I have had great results. I am very thankful.
Belen E.
Read More
Meg is a great individual and I enjoyed working with her. She's very knowledgeable in helping you find the fitness program that works best for you. And healthy eating habits that make you feel better about yourself. Thank you for all your support and encouragement.
Eddie M.
Read More
Meg is a tremendous help. She is smart honest and down to earth. She was a friend first now she is an important and supportive part in my fitness plan.
Rachel L.
Read More
Meg is such a sweet and caring individual that is so helpful and knowledgeable when is comes to nutrition! I’m so glad I found her!
David W.
Read More
Meg is fantastic! She is very motivated to help you reach your goals as well as she cares about you as a person. She goes above and beyond to help you. Great experience working with her!
Aubry M.
Read More
LOVE Megan! Unlike other dietitians I've met with, I feel like I'm treated like an actual human being and not just an "Eating Disorder client". I'm immensely thankful for that. Her knowledge is vast and I can't say anything but good things about her.
Courtney M.
Read More
Meg is awesome! She’s been very helpful in helping me to obtain my health goals, absolutely love her!
Miranda C.
Read More
Love working with Meg. I look forward to every meeting we have had- swear though she is part Therapist. Great individual to work with and extremely knowledgeable!!
Casey N.
Read More
Meg is fantastic! Really down to earth and she knows her stuff. I highly recommend checking her out!
Carrie K.
Read More
Meg has been great to work with as I am working on my weight loss journey. She is very patient, understanding and truly cares about helping me reach my goals. She has been inspiring and wonderful in helping me set small weekly goals to work on getting my nutrition and work out plans back on track.
Eileen Y.
Read More
Meg is very patient; knowledgeable; and motivating. While I have been slow to start, Meg doesn't judge but does hold me accountable. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing assistance with nutrition and weight loss.

Have You Already Had an Initial Assessment?

It’s required to have done an initial assessment before further testing can be done!

Have You Already Had an Initial Assessment?

It’s required to have done an initial assessment before further testing can be done!

Your health, physical and mental, is our top priority.

We recognize that during these uncertain times, our clients need our support more than ever. Thanks to technology, we do not expect any lapse in sessions and do not anticipate any closures. For the next few weeks, we are doing our part to help ‘flatten the curve’ by offering remote telehealth sessions using our HIPAA compliant video chat.