You have the answers.
We’ll help you unlock them.

At Nourished + Strong, we do things a bit differently than other nutritionists you may have encountered.

We don’t want to tell you what to eat—we want you to get in tune with what your body says.

We don’t want you to depend on us—we want you to learn and then flourish on your own.

We don’t want to fix just one piece of the puzzle—we want you to improve your holistic health.
We don’t want to prescribe packaged services—we want to meet your needs with options.

We like to think of our roles as tour guides who can help you get in touch with your body and build the skill sets around nutrition that will serve you well on an independent journey. That individualized approach extends to our services, which include virtual or in-person counseling sessions, advanced testing options, grocery store tours, group seminars and more.

Accepted Insurance

Nourished + Strong is an in-network provider with BCBS and Cigna. If you would like a complimentary benefits check before your first session to see if nutrition counseling is covered by your plan, please indicate while booking


Feeling confident + empowered with eating choices is possible. We’ll show you how.

It takes work and commitment to unpack years of baggage around food, body image and self-confidence, but these rewards are waiting for you…

  • You can ditch diet rules and learn to tune into your body’s needs without self-judgment
  • You can become empowered with personalized insights into your metabolism, nutritional needs and more
  • You can be present during dinner conversations with an old friend, rather than worried about what “good” options are on the menu
  • You can feel valuable and worthy because of who you are, not what you eat
  • You can meet performance goals by trusting your body’s instincts around nourishing foods
  • You can release yourself from seeing food as “good” or “bad” 

Let's start with a
Free Discovery Call

Commitment can be scary—especially when it’s a commitment to improving your life. That’s why the first step to working with Nourished + Strong is a free, on-obligation call to discuss your goals and how we can help.
If we’ve already spoken, you may skip ahead to booking your initial assessment.


What to expect when working with Nourished + Strong…

Step 1

Get to know us during a free, 15-minute discovery call

Step 2

Explore your background and outline action steps during an initial assessment

Step 3

Build skills, evaluate progress and work toward goals during follow-up visits

Step 4

Incorporate add-on services, such as metabolism testing, for personalized insights

Step 5

Develop confidence with a grocery store tour or “Date with Your Dietitian”

Step 6

Thrive independently with continued access to clients-only tools and resources


Our goal is always to meet the needs of clients. To help you meet your goals, here are some of the options we may suggest.

Initial Assessment

In this 60-90 minute initial consult, we will review a detailed history of your health and nutrition habits. We will discuss your goals and begin to develop a game plan. In addition to information gathering, I strive to make these sessions educational, so you will leave with 1-2 action items to focus on until your personalized plan is ready.

Follow Up Session

In the initial assessment we will map out our timeline of working together, including follow up frequency. Follow ups are an opportunity to assess our game plan, your goals and progress. I often encourage weekly follow ups in the beginning, and transition to biweekly or monthly as we continue working together. Note there are discounts available for packages of follow up sessions. We will review these options together.

Dietitian on Demand

Dietitian on Demand is our monthly membership program that grants unlimited access to messaging with your Dietitian between sessions and personalized journal feedback. For just $100 billed monthly, you have your personal Dietitian at your finger tips. We encourage all clients to participate in this program to complement in-person sessions for an optimized experience.

We find that clients enrolled in Dietitian on Demand are able to keep their confidence high, reinforce knowledge and easier navigate challenges.

Grocery Store Tour

With the average grocery store containing over 45,000 different food items, it’s no surprise that grocery shopping can be confusing and time consuming.
This 45 minute tour is designed to help you streamline shopping, easily look past common marketing traps and make the most of your grocery budget.

Now offering: virtual grocery store tours.

Metabolism Testing

This 10-minute breathing test is the gold standard for assessing your resting metabolic rate, or how many calories your body burns at rest. In this 45 minute session, we will learn about your metabolic health as it relates to your health and performance goals. *If your insurance policy is accepted and covers nutrition counseling, your test may be just $50. Select pay later when booking. An initial assessment must be booked before advanced testing can take place.

Complete Micronutrient Testing

Even with the “best” diet, nutrient deficiencies are common. About 90% of people are deficient, and 50% of those people are already taking supplements. Spectracell’s test is the most comprehensive nutrient analysis available, measuring functional deficiencies, carbohydrate metabolism, immune function and antioxidant status. Option to add on full thyroid, hormone, cardio-metabolic panels. *An initial assessment must be booked before advanced testing can take place.



We believe that you are the best expert in YOU. Essentially the opposite of a one-size-fits-all meal plan, our goal is to help you reconnect with your body so that you can make empowered choices for yourself. (Now and throughout the rest of your life!) 


Does this take work? Yes, because we are talking about unlearning years if not decades worth of diet muck. In fact, intuitive eating can initially feel more uncomfortable than if we were just to tell you what, when and how to eat. But this is about taking the long view with your health, wellness and happiness—and it’s 100% worth it.

Nope—but we will teach you about the basics of human physiology and nutrition so you can make informed decisions. Married with your newfound mindfulness and non-judgmental check-ins with your body, and you’ll learn to fuel yourself. 


The good news with this approach is that you don’t even have to like the same foods as us! Want to make sure you never live another day without chocolate, butter or even something like Marmite? Great, you will learn how to do you—with our support.

Weight is not a metric of success that we use. We will talk about your personal goals or beliefs about your weight, but please understand that these will not guide any kind of eating plan. In fact, much of our work will be to really sort through these beliefs to reach a more meaningful revelation about how your self-talk is dictating how you eat. 


In the process of learning how to intuitively eat, clients who may have relied on emotional eating may lose weight while clients who were depriving themselves may see their weight stabilize at a place that’s healthier for their body.

The short answer: meaningful change in just about every aspect of life. By focusing on our five pillars of wellness, we will address mindfulness, stress management, self-care, athletic performance, sleep quality, digestion, mental focus, energy and, yes, nutrition. 


Because our approach is so personalized, you come to us with your hopes and needs and we’ll go from there.

Weight bias is extremely common in the healthcare system with detrimental adverse effects. In instances where our clients were instructed to lose weight, we do the work that other healthcare professionals may have (unfortunately) neglected to do by looking deeper into the situation and taking a personalized approach. Again, naturally stabilizing at a lower weight is possible through intuitive eating—but it’s not our main objective.


The average length of time we spend with clients is 6 months, but the key word in that phrase is “average.” We aren’t about locking people in and we aren’t about quick fixes either. We’re about exploring what is best for you to set you up for success. (If resuming sessions at a later time is part of that journey, we’ll be there for you then, too.)

We are an in-network provider for BCBS and Cigna. We bill under Preventative Wellness commonly using diagnosis Z71.3 and procedure codes 97802/97803. Most plans provide coverage without copays or coinsurance, but we will do a benefits check to confirm before we begin working together. 

Advanced services or tests may have out-of-pocket fees. We are always transparent about costs up-front, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

You still have a few options. 

  1. We can provide a superbill for reimbursement.
  2. You can pay for your sessions/services with HSA/FSA dollars or cash/check/major credit cards.
  3. Talk with us about payment plans and sliding scales.

Even with these tests there is a good amount of interpretation involved, so it is important we understand you through an initial assessment or subsequent sessions. 


Furthermore, working with you gives us a chance to determine appropriateness. These tools can be incredibly valuable when used appropriately, so we will NOT use them just to prove there is something “wrong” with your body “to be fixed.”

Virtual counseling appointments and micro/hormone tests are available, but may not be covered by your insurance. Metabolism testing is only available in person. Check with us to learn more.

Have You Already Had an Initial Assessment?

It’s required to have done an initial assessment before further testing can be done!

Have You Already Had an Initial Assessment?

It’s required to have done an initial assessment before further testing can be done!