Ditch Dieting & Reconnect to Your Body's Wisdom

Nourished + Strong Foundations is a small group coaching program designed to improve health & mindset. In this intimate support group, you’ll rebuild trust in your body & learn to improve your physical & mental health – without another diet.

Our method goes beyond intuitive eating...

Most people come to us in a similar situation– done with dieting, but unsure what to “do” next. Nourished + Strong Foundations is a 12-week group coaching program designed to bridge the gap between doing and a deeper state of being.

Diets and diet culture keep us externally focused– we feel disembodied, disconnected, and unable to trust ourselves. Even the “anti-diet” space can feel black-or-white, like there is a “right” or “wrong” way to eat, move and manage your health.

You may have stopped dieting and tried intuitive eating, but felt unsure how to move forward and truly reconnect with your body. Diets feel safe because they have very clear rules, while intuitive eating can feel a little… vague. How do you actually “make peace with food” and improve health without it feeling like another restrictive diet?

Since 2018, the Nourished + Strong method has helped hundreds of clients feel more empowered, embodied and confident. We bring the same trauma and nervous system informed approach to 12 weeks of interactive group coaching. Enrollment also gets you access to our Pillars of Health Signature Course with lessons to help you dive deeper into the art and science of anti-diet nutrition, joyful movement and mind-body connection.

You will be unlearning past food rules, negative self-talk, and body distrust. Physical health doesn’t have to come at the expense of mental health. If you feel aimless without the external structure of a diet, we’re here to help you (re)build your strength from within– cultivating mindfulness, trust and understanding that transcends the next wave of diet or health trends.

Our Nourished + Strong Foundations is a virtual group coaching program to help jumpstart your escape from diet culture!

During our 12 weeks together, you'll...

Do you feel like you have to choose between pursuing health goals or improving your relationship with food?

Have you ever felt like "intuitive eating sounds great for others but not for me"?

Does it feel like diet culture has broken your confidence and self trust?

Do you want to learn more about nutrition and health through a non-diet lens?

Do you have a history of disordered eating or trauma and want to grow in a safe space?
Do you want to feel more confident in working towards a healthier you without sacrificing your mental health?

Then Nourished + Strong Foundations Group Coaching is for you.

The 12-week Nourished + Strong Foundations program includes:

12 one-hour live group coaching sessions where you'll dig into your relationship with food + body, receive education on non-diet nutrition + holistic health, + ask questions.

Program workbook with lesson review, journal prompts & activities to help you continue to process & integrate the concepts you'll be exploring during each session.

Instant access to our Nourished + Strong Signature Curriculum. With watch at your own pace modules and actionable protocols, this education will inform group discussions.

Secure members-only group messaging through Practice Better so you can connect with our Dietitians + your fellow group members in a safe and private space.

Lifetime access to our private clients-only Facebook group for a built in support network of likeminded individuals who "get it" and are actively doing the work.

Priority scheduling & a discount on Level 2 Coaching if you would like to continue working with Nourished + Strong (one-on-one or group).

Enrollment in Foundations Group Coaching gets you lifetime access to our Signature Course Bundle (six courses in one). Inspired by our Pillars of Health method, these self-paced courses provide you with the education you need to ditch dieting for good and reconnect with the wisdom of your body.
With instant access, you are free to begin any course that is most interesting to you – but the lessons also pair well with the Group Coaching and your Dietitian Coach will highlight modules and workbook lessons to review as a group.

Healing our relationship with food by healing our inner child

Lessons and workbook include:

  • Sphere of influence: who impacted your food-body story?
  • Diet culture 101: improving relationship with food in a culture obsessed with dieting
  • Attachment and attunement: how your attachment style could be influencing your relationship with food/body
  • Timeline activity: evaluating your inner child’s story about food, body and exercise
  • Bonus: Guided meditation to reconnect with your inner child

Stress and embodiment: how the nervous system and sensory systems influence health and habits

Lessons and workbook include:

  • Polyvagal theory: an introduction to your nervous system
  • How stress and trauma impact your brain-body-health
  • How your sensory systems inform your nervous system, body image, eating and exercise
  • Self-care through nervous system and sensory regulation

Anti-Diet deep dive: taking the core concepts of nutrition back from diet culture

Lessons and workbook include:

  • The history of calories, diets and bodies in our society
  • The pyramid of nutrition priorities: adequacy, balance, variety and attunement
  • An anti-diet understanding of macronutrients, micronutrients, supplements and meal prep
  • Mind-body (dis)connect: trusting and understanding your body needs and preferences
  • An introduction to Intuitive Eating
  • Bonus: Reframing self talk (CBT intro)

Intuitive movement: reconnecting with the joy of movement

Lessons and workbook include:

  • The benefits of exercise (that have nothing to do with weight)
  • Exploring your relationship with movement– then and now
  • The basics of intuitive movement
  • Setting realistic goals for movement

Sleep and rest: burnout recovery and improving mood, concentration and health

Lessons and workbook include:

  • Sleep physiology: how it impacts eating, exercise and health
  • Developing a neuroscience backed sleep routine
  • Recovery from burnout: reconnecting with rest and play
  • Improving focus and concentration (especially for neurodivergence)

Better body image: the see, feel, think method to reconnect with our core self

Lessons and workbook include:

  • A cultural understanding of body image and beauty standards
  • Moving from self objectification to deeper embodiment
  • The see-feel-think method for improving body image
  • Building body trust as a gateway to body acceptance and love

See what our clients are saying about Nourished + Strong

Meet Your Coach

Taryn Cullen is a dietitian always looking to better understand how to help people from a place of empathy. After working in the sports world she joined Nourished + Strong in 2020 to help try and fill a growing gap – culture and healthism pushing people to develop unhealthy relationships with their food and body. She thinks that science is cool and diet culture is not. Her style includes lots of biology, questions, and bluntness to help people move forward in finding peace with food and their bodies.

A message from Meg:

“I am so passionate about helping people reconnect with, understand and trust their bodies because I have had to do the same.

As someone whose ADHD and sensory processing issues were overlooked in childhood, I spent 20+ years feeling like the world didn’t make sense. Except, like many, I internalized this as “I don’t make sense”.

I thought if I just learned enough about physical and mental health, I could “solve the problems” that were my brain and body. Young Meg couldn’t comprehend that she was already enough and not a problem to be solved (much in the way that diet culture keeps you from seeing your inherent worth).

I spent years acquiring knowledge, only to feel more disconnected, unhealthier and unhappier (just like a lot of my clients after years of dieting). All of these “solutions” I found kept me IN my head and externally focused.

This is because I was approaching it all from the “top-down” – imposing external rules and trying to reframe my thoughts to conform to the systems around me that were/are broken. While a top-down approach provides value because we all need to “know better to do better”, it also kept me OUT of my body, seeking answers from everywhere but within.

This is also the case for many clients I have worked with over the years– when the body is viewed as “bad” or “wrong”, we find safety in the external rules of a diet that promise to “fix what is broken.”

If you ask me about my journey as a Dietitian, I often say that an anti-diet and intuitive approach found me. It wasn’t mainstream or touched upon too deeply in my education or internship – but when I found it, it aligned in ways I couldn’t ignore and served as a catalyst in my healing journey.

Instead of continuing to approach my health from only the “top-down”, I also began to explore from the “bottom up” – softening “What the f*%k is wrong with you?” to “What happened to you?”. I found true healing and peace by meeting myself in the middle, hence the Venn Diagram logo of Nourished + Strong. With knowledge and embodiment work, I finally had an approach that healed all of me, not just parts of me.

This is exactly why the Nourished + Strong method is a way of finding harmony and health where the external world and your internal landscape collide– we can heal from trauma around food and body image with both “top down” and “bottom up” work.

We provide you with “top-down” education on the science of how your brain and body, nutrition and exercise work together to impact health– by doing this you can more deeply understand the nuance of health and that you are not “broken”.

But if we don’t get to the root of what caused our relationship with food or body to become disordered, we risk repeating the same patterns. That’s why we also work from the “bottom up” to explore the origins of your relationship with food and your body. This helps us reestablish trust, deepen embodiment, and learn to resource your body instead of running from it.”

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Our next cohort starts Monday 10/2/23 at noon EST. Enrollment closes when all spots are filled or 10/1/23 at 11:59pm EST.

How much longer will you live apart from your body?

We’re all born with a deep connection to our bodies – without it, we wouldn’t survive early childhood where we have yet to develop the language to communicate our needs. But as we age, exposure to diet culture and other systems of oppression start to erode away this connection. Eventually, we’re so out of touch with our bodies that we can’t tell when we’re hungry or full, what we need or prefer to eat, or when we need to rest. Most choices are made at the cognitive (or external) level – it’s time to eat, I had a serving size, I like that but it’s not good for me…

Without repairing this connection, we can spend years (and thousands of dollars) repeating the same old patterns: 

  • Feeling like you can’t be trusted around food
  • Feeling like you need a diet to tell you what to eat
  • Worrying about every bite you eat (or don’t)
  • Obsessing over your weight and trying to shrink yourself
  • Losing control and binging after a period of restriction
  • Avoiding experiences because of your body size or fear foods
  • Putting things off until your body looks the “right way”
  • Spinning your wheels trying to improve health, only to see bio health markers worsen

The good news is – how it’s been is not how it always has to be. You CAN break the cycle and learn to work with your body instead of against it. With focused work in key areas, community support and expert guidance from our team of non-diet Registered Dietitians, you can feel more empowered and embodied in 12 weeks.