Improving your relationship with food: Inner child healing

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Repair the foundations of your relationship with food and your body so you can embrace the wisdom you were born with and move toward a place of peace with food. 

Reclaim the wisdom of your body

You were born with an intuitive connection to your body. 

As a baby, trusting your body’s wisdom and communicating it to your caregivers was all you knew. You cried when you were hungry and pulled away from the breast or bottle when you were full. You cried out if you were too hot or too cold, too over or understimulated, or needed rest or connection.

You don’t remember, but you were once pretty great at listening to your body – your survival depended on it!

As you developed, your brain and body were impacted by your environment and the people around you. You were taught to mistrust or ignore your body and rely on external cues like diets and food rules. You may have taken on guilt, shame, or fear around your body based on things that were said or done to you.

As the years passed, your connection to your body began to feel anything but intuitive. At some point, listening to your body started to feel like a threat to your survival. As an adult, you may even feel completely at odds with your body. 

You feel this disconnect and you have a strong desire to feel better in your body. You have tried to change your diet, exercise, self talk and body size to feel better – but something always feels like it’s missing.

There was and still is wisdom in your body, and listening to it is often what is missing. That intuitive connection to your body is still there, waiting for you to trust it again.

You cannot feel at peace with food when you are at war with your body. 

By going back and processing your early childhood experiences, finding compassion for “little you,” and learning to regulate your nervous system, you can rebuild the connection with your body that is needed to find peace with food.

My goals for you and “little you”

After working with hundreds of clients as a Registered Dietitian for 10 years, I developed this course because I believe that inner child work is the missing piece that keeps so many people from finding peace with food and their bodies. By working through this course, you will:

Understand the influence of diet culture on your development so you can finally find compassion for little you

Unpack the early experiences in your childhood that are impacting your relationship with food today so you can take your power back from them

Understand how your attachment style affects your relationship with food - and how you can change that

Learn strategies to regulate your nervous system so you can be more mindful and intuitive with eating and exercise

Release the beliefs and behaviors that aren’t serving you today

Learn the Nourished + Strong Rooted Approach to meeting your needs for movement, nourishment, and regulation so you can nurture a better relationship with yourself, food, and your body
What Does the Inner Child Healing Course Include?
With the Inner Child Course, you will receive instant access to five digital modules containing over two hours of content.

25+ Video Lessons

In these videos, Meg walks you through the concepts with clear explanations and analogies. All content is broken up into digestible chunks – the longest video is 16 minutes, and most videos are around 5 minutes long!

30 page Course Workbook

This workbook builds off the lessons with summaries of key points, reflective questions & activities, & resources to help you move from awareness to action.

Bonus Content

Helpful tools and topics to help you implement the strategies you learn in the course and carry this healing over to other areas of your life. You’ll have lifetime access to all current and future bonus content!  

Private Facebook Group

Connect with a private community of like-minded people who are all working on healing their inner child and their relationship with food and body – just like you!

Discount on Future Coaching

The Inner Child Healing Course is included with the Nourished + Strong Group Coaching Program. If you purchase this course and then later decide you’re ready for Group Coaching, we will subtract the price you paid for the course from your enrollment fee!

Course Outline

Module 0: Orientation

0.1 Expectations + Downloads

Module 1: Diet Culture

1.1 What is diet culture?

1.2 When diets don’t work

Module 2: Attachment + Attunement

2.1 Diet Culture Recap

2.2 Attachment Theory

2.3 Getting your needs met

2.4 Insecurely attached to food-body

2.5 Earned secure attachment for body trust

Module 3: Early Calibration

3.1 Attachment Recap

3.2 Stress + the mind-body-food connection

3.3 Nervous system, safety + stress

3.4 Window of tolerance + stress physiology

3.5 Habit change + regulation

3.6 The development of your brain + body trust

3.7 Chronic stress + your health

Module 4: Rewriting your Story

4.1 Nervous System Recap

4.2 Self Compassion + Core Beliefs

4.3 Timeline of You Activity

Module 5: Daily Action Steps to Reparent Little You

5.1 Recap of Modules 1-4

5.2 A “Rooted Approach” to reparent little you

5.3 Caring for ‘little you’

5.4 Rooted Pillar 1 – Movement

5.5 Rooted Pillar 2 – Nourishment

5.6 Rooted Pillar 3 – Regulation

5.7 Daily Actions to Integrate

Bonus Content

Enrolling in the Inner Child Healing course grants you lifetime access to all bonuses – including the ones we’ll be adding in the future! Current bonuses include:

  • Hypno Breathwork with Liz Burkholder, FNP
  • Guided Meditation with Mel Braun
    • A 10-minute guided meditation to help you feel, focus on and be present in your joy. Mel Braun is a Reiki Master, Certified Meditation Instructor, Yoga Teacher and owner of Soulfull Co.
  • Nervous system reset practices
    • This is a list of proven strategies that you can use to reset your nervous system when you find yourself in an activated state (fight/flight) or a collapsed state (freeze/fawn).
  • Inner child affirmations
  • N+S Exclusive: Regulating with your senses
  • Coming soon: Raising intuitive kiddos with Taryn Cullen, RD

Nurture the link between your body and your brain

Have you ever…

…walked into a room and felt like the vibes were “off”?

…gotten a “bad feeling” about a person or a situation?

…felt like you could “cut the tension with a knife” in a room?

Good news: That was you listening to your body!

Those feelings came from your nervous system, your body’s tool for processing information from your senses and sending it to your brain. It senses things like body language long before you consciously become aware of them.

As your body’s alarm system, your nervous system is always looking out for threats. It’s what kicks your body into fight-or-flight mode when there’s trouble.

Due to chronic stress, most of us exist at a low level of fight-or-flight without even knowing it. That means that your nervous system is always dysregulated – it’s constantly prodding your brain to say “hey, there’s bad stuff going on, we need more stress hormones. We need to be alert!”

When your nervous system is dysregulated, you can’t truly be at peace. You may feel like you’re always “on edge,” overwhelmed, or “can’t relax.” You may have difficulty sleeping at night, but feel fatigued during the day.

One thing is certain: You can’t eat intuitively or mindfully in that state.

As a child, you formed habits to cope with your dysregulated nervous system. That was wise and necessary at the time, but those habits likely aren’t serving you now.

With practice, we can become more aware of our nervous system’s states and intentionally regulate them. When we are regulated, we are calm, rested, and able to process and tackle higher level tasks. By regulating your nervous system, you open a gateway to regulating your health and relationship with food.

That’s why the nervous system is a central focus in the Inner Child Healing Course. You’ll learn:

Learning to regulate your nervous system won’t just improve your relationship with food and your body – it will help you to feel more calm, confident, and capable in your daily life!

The Inner Child Healing Course is for you if:
The Inner Child Healing Course is not for you if:

Meet Your Instructor

Meg Carber is a wife, mother of two, Registered Dietitian of 10 years, fierce anti-diet advocate, and eternal learner. She founded Nourished + Strong in 2018 with a simple mission– to help clients discover clarity in the often confusing nutrition space. Her coaching style is equal parts science, compassion, curiosity, f-bombs, and anecdotes from her own journey to make sure you feel seen and understood.

A message from Meg:

“I am so passionate about helping people reconnect with, understand and trust their bodies because I have had to do the same.

As someone whose ADHD and sensory processing issues were overlooked in childhood, I spent 20+ years feeling like the world didn’t make sense. Except, like many, I internalized this as “I don’t make sense”.

I thought if I just learned enough about physical and mental health, I could “solve the problems” that were my brain and body. Young Meg couldn’t comprehend that she was already enough and not a problem to be solved (much in the way that diet culture keeps you from seeing your inherent worth).

I spent years acquiring knowledge, only to feel more disconnected, unhealthier, and unhappier. All of the “solutions” I found kept me IN my head and externally focused.

After a lot of healing and inner child work, I was able to go from “What the f*%k is wrong with you?” to “What happened to you?” I found compassion for little me and was able to rewrite my story so that I was empowered and embodied. With knowledge and embodiment work, I finally had an approach that healed all of me, not just parts of me.

This is exactly why I developed the Inner Child Healing Course – to help others heal from trauma around food and body image by exploring the origins of their relationship with food and body. I want to help others reestablish trust, dee


This is a self-paced course, which means that you get to work through it according to your schedule, energy, and availability. Most of the videos are short (around 5 minutes), so it’s easy to do a bit here and there if that’s what works for you!

That depends on you! The total length of all the video lessons is over 2 hours. There are also reflection activities to complete in the workbook, and you may or may not want to do all of them. I also recommend various books throughout the course if you want to explore any of the concepts further.

Enrollment includes lifetime access to the course and all bonus content, PLUS all future bonus content and updates!

While you may still want to lose weight, weight loss is not the goal of this course. The focus of this course is healing your inner child so you can learn to trust your body and reconnect with your intuition. That means that we’ll be taking the focus off of weight loss and working to improve habits and coping skills that will have a direct impact on your physical and emotional health.

This course is not designed to treat eating disorders and is not a substitute for individualized care. You can benefit from this course if you have an active eating disorder, but we recommend that you take it alongside receiving care from a Registered Dietitian.

If you have a technical question, you can send an email to [email protected]. If you have a question about intuitive eating or a personal issue, you can always post in our Facebook Community. If you feel like you need more support than a self-paced course, you can also sign up for 1:1 coaching or group coaching.

You can join our Group Coaching program! This course is included as a part of our group coaching program, so if you end up joining, you’ll receive a discount in the amount that you paid for the course. You’ll find more information about our group coaching program in the final module of the course.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll in the Inner Child Course:

Lifetime access to 3 hours of lessons with Meg Carber, RD – $465 value

30 page course workbook – $75 value

Included: Access to our Facebook group and Inner Child affirmations 

BONUS: Raising Intuitive Eaters Masterclass with Taryn Cullen, RD – $55 value

BONUS: 5 Hypno Breathwork sessions with Liz Burkholder, FNP – $555 value

BONUS: 10 minute guided meditation with Mel Braun – $75 value

BONUS: Meg’s go-to nervous system reset practices – $20 value

Total value = $1,245Your price: $333

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