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No, I don’t mean buying things to make yourself feel better, I mean feeling better about buying things.

Summer is here [and so is the heat] and as a result I’ve had many clients recently broach the topic of clothes in session. Clothes can be a fun, exciting way to represent yourself and your style but they can also be a sore spot for many.

Firstly, the sizing can be so arbitrary. A person’s clothing size can change from store to store or not be represented in a store at all. Secondly, clothing manufacturers don’t seem to take into account that people have different body shapes. Simply scaling the dimensions up or down leaves a large number of people out or with clothes that simply don’t fit. I now find myself needing to find clothes in “long” sizes. Did I suddenly grow in my late twenties? Have pants gotten shorter? I’ll never find out. Thank goodness for tailors, I guess! A whole occupation dedicated to the fact that clothes just don’t fit people.

To my original point, finding clothes for the summer season in particular can be emotionally taxing. Everyone deserves to find clothes that they feel comfortable and confident in no matter where their body image journey takes them. With that said, I’ve been searching for stores that are more size inclusive and have decided to put together an updated list of some of the options I’ve come across. Hopefully more will be added to the list over time!

The Goods:

All Occasion



Additional tip: Search for fashion bloggers or influencers who are specifically your size. Example – “size 24 fashion bloggers”. Prepare to be inspired!


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*This list is already being updated with more retailers. It currently is mainly female-focused but will change over time. Check back for more!

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