2021 Nordstrom Sale: self care deals from a non-diet Dietitian

Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale preview is happening now– with the sale officially opening to everyone July 28th-August 8th. I’ve scoured the preview and compiled my self-care must haves below.

When you hear self care, what do you think?

At Nourished + Strong we take a holistic approach to nutrition counseling. This means –of course we talk about nutrition– but we also talk about all of the other things that make you, your health and your journey with us unique.

This includes what causes and what relieves your stress. After almost 9 years as a Dietitian, I’ve seen a pattern emerge: most are y’all great at identifying what causes your stress, but less people are able to tell me ways they relieve stress. **Self care has entered the chat.**

When I ask “What does self care look like to you?”, most people struggle to respond.

To me, self care is a daily practice of treating yourself with kindness and compassion… of slowing down to listen to your body, and responding in ways that leave you feeling safe, nourished, loved and respected.

Self care doesn’t have to be expensive, it can be free or happen on a budget. Pro-tip: start a wish list on Nordstrom’s website so you can simply *add to cart* on July 28th!


As a Dietitian, you know I have to start with the hydration related deals!

If you’re a Hydroflask fan, you’re in for a treat– several size and lid combinations are on sale.

uses purifying UV-technology to self-clean this 17oz water bottle every 2 hours. This double-insulated design also keeps water cold for 24 hours!

Available in five different colors – all on sale for $75.90 (after the sale: $95.00).

Add one to your wish list by clicking here.

Mug & Warmet set by UI – A new mom’s best friend –this mug uses magnetic induction energy to keep your beverage nice and warm– around 135 degrees to be specific.

Available in three colors and on sale for $49.90 (after sale price $75).


One of my favorite self care tips is to think of how you can soothe all of your senses– at the central nervous system level this helps regulate and soothe the body. This could look like:

  • Snuggle up with a soft blanket or wear comfortable clothing (touch)
  • Keep your environment organized and decorate in a way that brings you joy (sight)
  • Diffuse your favorite essential oil– lavender is great for relaxation (smell)
  • Tune into your favorite playlist– Afternoon Acoustic is my Spotify go-to (hearing)
  • Serve up your favorite snack, meal or treat (taste)

Weighted blankets– at the risk of sounding like a total nerd, don’t sleep on weighted blankets…sleep under them! But seriously, there is some interesting science behind the use of weighted blankets for a more restful nights sleep. The pressure can boost the happy hormone (serotonin), reduce the stress hormone (cortisol) and increase the sleepy hormone (melatonin). Two are available during the Anniversary sale.

Snuggle up with your favorite beverage or snack under a new blanket.

Please note: all links above are affiliate links– purchasing a product through these thinks is no additional cost to you, but may result in a small commission to me, which helps us keep creating valuable content.

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